Series One Weekend – Navy £1,550.00

Navy Leather Weekend Bag

Information Geofre bags are constructed using traditional processes, refined and perfected by generations of passionate leather craftspeople. Series One bags are designed and cut in in way that minimises the number of seams required and waste produced, adding soft curves to the asymmetric design. All bags are lined with microfibre faux suede for increased durability and longevity.

We source our leather from a Spanish tannery that relies on ancient traditions to process and vegetable-dye each hide. This takes twice as long as highly toxic chromium processes and produces a more structured and sustainable result. The tannery has patented a process that allows them to create soft and flexible nubuck leather, which we use for all inner bags in the Series One collection.

Colourways  Tan | Grey | Navy | Sand

Exterior Bag Vegetable-dyed leather.

Interior Bag Vegetable-dyed nubuck leather

Dimensions 460 x 340 x 140 mm

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