Series One 5 Hour Wallet

Series One 5 Hour Wallet — just enough for a night (or day) on the town.

Whilst our Series One wallet is designed for everyday use, the sleek 5-hour wallet is the perfect choice if you need something to take with you on a night out. Carrying a bulkier wallet can not only ruin your look, but it can also be risky to take all of your cards and cash out with you. Instead, our 5-hour is slimline and offers just enough space to hold the essentials for an evening on the town. Notes and cards can be stored with ease, with an additional compartment that will allow you to isolate one card, making it more accessible for contactless payments.

Just like our Series One wallet; the 5-hour wallet is elegant, smart and crafted from durable, vegetable dyed leather. The inner compartments are easy-to-access and created from tone on tone nubuck giving a stylish finish.